Higher Performance & Business Results

  • 80% improvement in performance when levels of diversity, equity, & inclusion are high.   Can you confidently say that diversity, equity, & inclusion are high in your organization? What would your employees say? 
  • Companies with high-performance results are doing inclusion for the “right reasons” of innovation & integral to business strategy.   Have you linked your inclusion strategy to your business strategy?
  • Organizations with the highest share of women in executive committees make operating results 56% higher than those with no women in executive committees. Companies with more women board directors outperform those with less on Return on Equity by 55%, Return on Sales by 42%, and Return on Capital by at least 66%.   How gender-balanced is your organization?  Where are the tapering off points and why?
  • Companies with the highest rates of racial diversity brought in nearly 15x more sales revenue on average than those with the lowest levels.   Do you have racial/ethnic/skin-color diverse employees at all levels and areas of the organization? If not, why? What are the systemic issues creating barriers?

People are key to achieving organizational results.  We offer deep expertise on inclusion strategy and aligned actions for results focused on talent & culture. We collaborate to analyze your current state and uncover gaps in desired outcomes.

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