• Many of the indicators of high engagement are similar with high inclusion, such as feeling valued, respected, recognized, able to contribute, intent to stay, etc. Working on inclusion supports higher engagement.   Are you tracking an Inclusion Index in your Employee Engagement Survey and analyzing the findings by intersecting demographic data?
  • Organizations that care for employees’ physical, emotional, & social well-being had 3x profit levels.    What are you doing for employees’ well-being at work?
  • Organizations with a non-inclusive culture struggle to retain today’s diverse employees. Estimated turnover replacement costs are 150% of salary.     Do you know the attrition rates for your diverse employees and the real reasons why they leave?
  • Companies with strong development planning have 35% lower turnover rates. Companies that outperform their competitors have deeper skills, a stronger learning culture, & make continuous investments in their team’s skills. Companies with a “recognition-rich” culture have a 31% lower turnover rate.  Are all of your employees feeling recognized and supported?

Let’s work on increasing inclusion & engagement in your organization.

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